Writing Collateral


Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: July 2016
Company: Dixon Schwabl

At Dixon Schwabl, I helped to gain coverage for a client event at a local news station through the development of media alerts, email pitching and phone calls. I learned how to target the best media contacts, and the importance of following up multiple times in order to gain coverage for an event.

I also developed a media alert template for a proposed grand opening event for the Young Women’s College Prep charter school.

Forbes Media Brief | Forbes Article  | Why Roc Media Brief | Why Roc Feature

Date: June, July and August, 2016
Company: Tipping Point Communications

I helped to create two media briefs for interviews with SiGNa President and CEO Michael Lefenfeld and VP of Technology and Engineering Mike Alt. One was for Lefenfeld’s phone interview with Forbes, and the second was for Alt’s in-person interview with Why ROCAfter developing the media brief for the Forbes interview, I sat in on the call and created detailed notes of the interview.

Lt. Governor Hochul Visits SyracuseCoE

Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: December 2016
Company: Syracuse Center of Excellence

I attended a tour given to NYS Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul when she visited the Syracuse Center of Excellence in December. Following the tour, I created a news release informing the public about the visit, to be published on the company website and in local publications. I learned the importance of paying attention to the entire event in order to create proper coverage.