Social Media

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Viral Meme Social Media Marketing Campaign

Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: October 2015
Course: Social Media for Communicators

I took the course Social Media for Communicators, in which I learned about key social media platforms to leverage, social media marketing campaigns and social media marketing trends. This was a very rewarding course because as a communications professional I know how important social media can be toward marketing ideas, products and services to target audiences. Throughout the course, I also developed my WordPress skills and created a blog (see page).

The biggest challenge for me was the development of the Viral Meme Social Media Marketing Campaign. As students, we were each tasked with creating an attention-grabbing meme, and promoting it through a social media campaign. At the end of the campaign, we each voted on which meme would become the most “viral”, and mine placed among the top five of the class.

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RSA Social Media Posts

Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: April 2017
Course: Public Relations Management

These are mock social media posts that I created as a recommendation for RSA’s social media. They include a Twitter poll, Facebook Live promotion and a LinkedIn executive spotlight post.