Social Media Campaigns

 “Hiring” Tweet | April Social Calendar | SyracuseCoE Student Page | Interviews

Author: Lauren Bailey and Morgan Bulman
Date: March-May 2017
Company: Syracuse Center of Excellence

As a communications intern for the Syracuse Center of Excellence, I have spent a majority of my time developing web content and creating social media calendars and posts. A key initiative that I focused on was developing a “Students at SyracuseCoE” page that features a Q&A and select interviews from each student researcher and intern. We utilized Adobe Premier to edit the interview videos, ensuring that we followed the SyracuseCoE brand guidelines.

We then developed Facebook and Twitter posts for each student’s responses, in order to showcase what he or she learned at the organization. The experience has taught me about web development and design, as well as strategic times and methods to reach a niche audience via social media .

Sibley Social Media- August 2016 |Social Media Screenshots – August | Sibley Social Media – September 2016 

Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: June, July 2016
Company: Tipping Point Communications

The Sibley Building is a Rochester icon, which was a flourishing place of shopping, eating and gathering in the early to mid 1900s. Now, the building is under renovations and re-branding, with the aims to create a revitalization of downtown Rochester through the incorporation of office spaces, luxury apartments, restaurants, shops and senior living homes.

I created Facebook content for the months of August and September, 2016. I focused on finding old, previously circulated photos of the building and creating posts with the hashtags #TidbitTuesday and #ThrowbackThursday, and tried engaging the audience by asking questions within posts.


Isaac Social Media – August 2016 | Isaac Social Media Screenshots – August 2016

Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: June, July 2016
Company: Tipping Point Communications

Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing heating, air conditioning and “green” energy solutions to homes and businesses in six locations since 1945.

At Tipping Point Communications, I focused on creating social media content calendars for the months of August and September, 2016. These calendars are composed of social media posts for both Facebook and Twitter. The posts are about topics such as services offered and monthly promotions, as well occasional promotions for upcoming Rochester Red Wings games, which Isaac sponsors. 

YWCP Social Media Plan

Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: July 2016
Company: Dixon Schwabl

Young Women’s College Prep (YWCP) charter school is the first female charter school in Rochester. As a public relations intern at Dixon Schwabl, I evaluated YWCP’s existing social media pages, and provided recommendations on how to best use social media to market to the target audiences of current and prospective students and parents, community members and media contacts. This helped me to learn more about paid social media promotions and revamping preexisting plans.