Graphic Design

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Meet Your Army Brochure

Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: December 2016
Course: Public Relations Campaigns

This is a brochure that I developed as part of a marketable tactic for the Meet Your Army campaign. Throughout developing this on Adobe InDesign, I learned the importance of developing marketing collateral that incorporates company branding and guidelines.

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Adobe Photoshop- Social Media Posts

Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: December 2015
Course: Advanced PR Writing for the Digital World

These are mock Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles that I designed using Adobe Photoshop for a class project. They include posts and bios. Through this, I learned about the difficulties that come with editing a pre-existing photo and adding organic content.

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Mind & Soul Magazine Design

Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: April 2015
Course: Intro to Graphic Design

I utilized Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to design an interactive magazine about yoga and relaxation. Throughout the process, I was tasked with finding photos from stock images and transforming them, and creating an interactive visual piece. I learned about the importance of being meticulous and paying attention to details during any graphic design project.

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Alpha Phi Poster Design

Author: Lauren Bailey
Date: April 2015
Course: Intro to Graphic Design

I designed this poster utilizing both Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. It was one of the first creations that I ever developed utilizing the Adobe Suite.