Graphic Design Experience

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RHA Brochure

The Rochester Housing Authority has been the public housing authority for the Greater Rochester region since 1955. They serve lower income families and senior or disabled citizens, and have a total population of approximately 22,000.

At Tipping Point Communications, I was given the incredible opportunity to design a newsletter to be mailed out to residents of the RHA. They did not want a typical 8.5 by 11 inch newsletter with simple writing and pictures, but instead wanted an attention-grabbing brochure. I designed a 5 paged brochure on Adobe InDesign, and based the colors and designs off of the current RHA branding and website. 

Throughout working on this project, I learned the importance of paying attention to fine details. I had used InDesign to work on projects before, but had never produced a project that would be seen by so many people. I knew that I needed to make every part of the project look seamless and professional.